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2011 Solo Show, InSian Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 

Possibility of Wood・Imagination of Carving

It was on a day in 2007 that a "coach-like" figure, who later became rather influential in Liang's career, came to his tiny studio on Houweng Street in Sanyi. He was the owner of InSian Gallery, Mr. Ou Hsien-cheng. The crowded space occupied by wood material and sculptures only allowed people to stand, but this did not obstruct this legendary figure and diminished his interest to see the art. In fact, not many words were needed. Mr. Ou had already perceived the preciousness of these artworks. They enjoyed a pleasant conversation, and before he left, Mr. Ou said something that eventually led to Liang's third departure from Sanyi: there was not one artist that was "brave and audacious enough" south of Taipei. This statement sounded a thunder and lured out the ambition in Liang's mind. He was resolute to go to Taipei and take up this challenge even before finding a place to live. He simply packed his carving tools and arranged the wood material to be transported to Taipei. It was as brave and audacious as Liang could be. He would get there first and figure out his next step then. With help from his friends, he quickly found a place to live in the scenic Sanzhi known for its community of artists. Here, Liang started his Taipei-InSian Period and the journey to the peak of his career.

In 2011, Liang held his first solo exhibition, Possibility of Wood・Imagination of Carving, at InSian Gallery. Being represented by the gallery, it was a "standard activity" to hold solo exhibitions as well as a "peak" that needed to be conquered. Symbolically speaking, this solo exhibition summed up Liang's time in Sanyi. Among the showcased six series, except Gravity Release, Non-Books, Non-Objects, Whisper of the Wilderness, Mask were all displayed for the first time and fell into the dialectic discourse of the Post-Sanyi Period—the books were not books, the objects were not objects, the species were not of this planet, and the masks were not really masks.

In 2012, Liang's collaboration with InSian Gallery ended. With everyone's blessings, he once again worked as an individual artist, and Mr. Ou even predicted Liang's future achievement. He said, "Liang Ping Cheng will create a new milestone for Chinese people, which no one else could ever reach. Only he could do that." With the blessings of Mr. Ou, Liang now had more confidence to conquer higher mountains.

Ping-Cheng LIANG    梁 平 正

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