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April to May, 2014 Solo Exhibition at Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum

By the time ofevery April, the season of tung blossoms would reach its end. Following nature's feast, Liang's solo exhibition continued the mesmerizing beauty of the falling snow of the tung blossoms. Having spent ten years in Sanyi, Liang felt that he was a local from the area. He felt incredibly honored and happy to be invited by Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum. The exhibition showing the results of his Sanyi period started at InSian Gallery in Taipei, and it was his deepest hope to end it in Sanyi. When Liang first arrived in Sanyi, the old artisans were eager to see his contemporary artworks, and Liang had hoped to show them what he could do. Therefore, the solo exhibition at Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum held a special meaning in his heart. He not only produced six series of works, but also influenced several young wood sculptors to attempt in making contemporary art. It was his hope that the exhibition would inspire these artists to carry on in the future.

Ping-Cheng LIANG    梁 平 正

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