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2015Banqiao Mega City

Imagination and Reality, Sculpture Reality of  Ping-Cheng LIANG

From September 29 to October 4, 2015, Liang was invited to have an exhibition at the lobby of Banqiao Mega City, which showcased seven of his sculptures. It was the first time an art exhibition was held at the shopping center since its opening and was very well received by the visitors during the period of an annual sale. Five stainless steel sculptures, including Triangular Cami, A Pair, Understanding, Golden Lion, Coca, and two wooden sculptures, Scroll Chair and Black Hawk, were shown in the exhibition. Among these works, the last two became extremely popular when ladies chose to take a selfie.

A good artwork could demonstrate fashion and taste at the same time. It could go with any kinds of venues without looking obtrusive or out of place. Some people were concerned that exhibiting artworks at a highly commercialized venue might reduce the value of the artworks. However, Liang's works had proved to be really compatible with name brands from around the world. His work demonstrated a different air when juxtaposed with these first-class brands. The result was a perfect unison.

Ping-Cheng LIANG   梁 平 正

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