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2015 IT Park Dachee Exhibition of Integral Series—Flipping the Space of Void

The Integral Serieswas first published in an exhibition at IT Park in 2015. The series revealed an integral piece of wood with a hollow center, forming two halves of an enveloping husk connected by several wooden sticks that resembled hairpins. The hollow space in the center of the two halves reminded the audience of two palms put together. Every sculpture with a husk structure and a hollow center belonged to the Integral Series and the Taiwan Matrix Series. In some cases, the husk might not be entirely enveloping but only partially, and the shape might not necessarily be in the form of two clasping palms. Any shape could become a husk or pod.

The enveloping husk created "a space of void," which corresponded to the physical space we inhabited. It also embodied the concept of "tolerance." The void at the center could contain things; it was an actual space as well as an imaginative one. When a large space existed within, it became naturally to accept other things, tolerating heterogeneousness and differences. The void allowed any heterogeneity to enter and became one with it, producing a stronger, sturdier unity that did not differentiate.

Ping-Cheng LIANG   梁 平 正

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