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2016 ''Twingings'' series,crossover cooperation with twingings, Yangmingshan Taipei, Taiwan

Liang Ping-Cheng, born in Pingtung, Taiwan, in 1958, is an important contemporary artist in Taiwan.

In 1981~1985, Liang studied in the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University. During his freshman year, he established “Art Group of Silly Birds”. In 1983, he wonthe Eighth Lion Art New Artist Award. In 1988, he went to New York for study. In 1998~2008, he was sculpturing in Sanyi. In 1999, he won YulonWood Carving Golden Award. In 2008~2013, he served as the representative artist in InSian Gallery, Taipei. In 2015, he was nominated for Taishin Arts Award.

Liang’s painting and sculpture are centered on the nature of life and change of migrations. He presents his work with improvisational painting and going with flow in sculpturing. His theories and creative models are based on the aesthetics of inversion, as seen in Gravity Release. 

Liang has hosted many solo exhibitions: first-ever improvisational painting in Jia-ren Gallery in 1985; the second improvisational painting in AIT American Cultural Center in 1987; sculpture exhibition in Pottery House 還原倉房in Sanyi in 2001; sculpture exhibition in Galerie Pierre, Taichung, in 2002; installation art “Fertile Land” 沃土in Herb 21, Eslite Bookstore Xinyi, in 2005; sculpture exhibition in InSian Gallery, Taipei, 2011; sculpture exhibition in Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum in 2014; exhibitions in Art House, MOMA (fashion brand) and FEDS Mega City Banqiao Store in 2015. In 2016, Liang displayed 15 pieces of his work at the exhibition “Contemporary & Fashion”當代與時尚by working with Twinings on Yangde Boulevard.

Ping-Cheng LIANG  梁 平 正 

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