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​2019 Solo Show at Plazzo Mora Venice

European Cultural Centre


“From the context of contemporary art, the concept of “inverted aesthetics” and the idea of unreadable books, unuseful objects are the mix combination of ready-made objects, conceptual art and appropriation theory, all together they become the aesthetic declaration to support the structure of my art creation.”
L’artista taiwanese Liang Ping-Cheng espone una selezione delle sue sculture a “PERSONAL STRUCTURES - Identities” nella sede di Palazzo Mora.

 Ping-Cheng LIANG   梁 平 正 

​2019 ECC Personal Structures Identitis

Plazzo Mora

王焜生在 European Cultural Centre 。

2019,05,29 · 

義大利威尼托大區威尼斯 ·


Sculptor Liang Ping-cheng shows his series works in Venice, where many visitors are amazed by his concept and creation.
The exhibition will be shown untill 24 November 2019 at Palazzo Mora Venice.


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