1958 | born in Ligang, Pingtung County, Taiwan

1965 | studied in Pingtung Ligang Primary School

1968 | artwork "rubbernecking” got the first place in the school

1970 | artworks were selected in World Expo in Osaka, Japan

1971 | studied in Ming-Dao High School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1972 | won the third place of the painting competition in the school

1974 | studied in Advertising Design department, Kaohsiung Vocational High School of Commerce, Taiwan

1976 | won the first place in Kaohsiung City painting competition

1978 | military service - army

1981 | studied at Fine Arts Department, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan

1982 | founded an artist group “Stupid Bird”

1983 | won the 8th Young Artist Award of Lionart Magazine by 7 paintings from the “transforming” series

1985 | after graduating from university, taught at Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School

            solo show “Improvised Painting I”, Jen-Chen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1986 | got married

1987 | end of two years in Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School

            solo show “Improvised Painting II”, American Institute, Taipei, Taiwan

1988 | studied tour in New York

            shortly studied in Studio Art, New York University, New York, U.S.A.

1990 | back to Taiwan, started interior design

1996 | participated in architecture construction

1998 | settled in Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan 

            started wood sculpture

1999 | “Gravity Release” series

            wood sculpture “Flying” was selected in Yulon Wood Sculpture Award

2001 | solo show of “Gravity Release” series, Original Art World, Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan

2002 | solo show of  “Flying” series, Unique Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2004 | “Utensil & Anti-Utensil” series

2005 | “Book & Illegible Book” series

2006 | “Fertile Soil” series, crossover cooperation with Herb24, Eslite Xin Yi Store, Taipei, Taiwan

2007 | “Mask” series

2008 | “Whisper in Forest” series

            became presented artist of InSian Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2011 | solo show, InSian Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2014 | end of the partnership with InSian Gallery

            solo show in Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan

            solo show in Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum was selected in Taishin Arts Award

2015 | proposed two aesthetic theories “reverse aesthetic” and “carving respectfully the nature”

            solo show of “Connection” series, ITPARK, Taipei, Taiwan

            solo show “IIlusion & Reality”, Mega City commercial center, Banqiao, New Taipei City, Taiwa

2016 | “Twingings” series, crossover cooperation with Twingings, Taipei, Taiwan

2017 | “Angel’s Heart” series,

            solo show, Richman Touch, Taipei, Taiwan

            large-scale sculpture〈Wish〉, commissioned by Chung-Yuet Group, Taoyuan, Taiwan

2018 | solo show “Right & Wrong” , Jimmy’s Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


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