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The Power of Scupture


Li spent a year in France as an exchange student in university. Soon after graduation, she worked as an editor in art magazines. She spent one year in Beijing in 2007-2008. She worked as a copy editor for Artist Magazine and Editor-in-Chief for “Art Collection”. She was also Editor-in-Chief for Taipei Post and later for Focus Art Magazine.

“One of the most exceptional sculptor I have ever seen.” Ping-Cheng LIANG was born in Pingtung, southern Taiwan, in 1958. His work is always based on the pure essence of life and develops freely, from painting to sculpture, from improvised painting to exceptional sculpture, the reason that his sculptures show a distinctive impression is the two aesthetic theories he proposed: “reverse aesthetic” and “carving respectfully the nature”. Whether wood carving, stainless steel or bronze sculpture, show a unique beauty that impossibly be replaced. Until now, Gravity Release, Book & Illegible Book, Utensil & Anti-Utensil, Mask, Angel’s Heart, Whisper in Forest, totally six series, in the highlight of the strength of life and the tenacity of the soul.

Ping-Cheng LIANG   梁 平 正 

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