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Wisper in Forest

“God sleeps in the rock, breathes in plants, dreams in animals and awakes in man.” ─ Plotinus

Every good artist should know how to draw inspiration from nature. In “Whisper in Forest” series, LIANG creates various animals through his unique perspective. Most of the time, it is the shape of his wood materials inspire him to transform a sawed trunk into whales, eagle, sheep, cats, bats...the wood itself was born once again through his creating process. 


The “Whisper in Forest” series is the embodiment of various animals full of LIANG’s creative features that manifest obvious tensions in theirs postures. Such as in Tail of Whale & Spot of Tiger and Triangle Ka-Mi, the power of lines respond to the heaviness of its wood material. In addition, they keep their wood carving textures while completely out of the restraints of its wooden body after turnover to stainless steel. They’ve become sculptures in surrealistic 

architecture style. From wood carving to stainless steel sculpture, LIANG shows his deep understanding and highly controlled skills over both materials. Each piece of his work expresses a strong sense of existence. Somehow, he has a way to demonstrate the unignorable strength and volume of each work even after chiseling. 


Comparing to other five series, the viewer can feel the more unrestricted fantastic imagination of LIANG’s creativity from “Whisper in Forest” series, which often reveals the 

childlike innocent part of the artist’s heart. For example, you will have a knowing smile when seeing Big Teeth; More young conveys truth, kindness and beauty through its various postures. Each and every time when LIANG creates an “animal”, it’s undoubtedly a dreamlike transformation upon the touch of The Creator.

Ping-Cheng LIANG   梁 平 正 

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