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“The reality is our soul. To speak absolutely, the human visage is a mask. The true man is that which is beneath man." ─ Victor Hugo

Time seems to stop suddenly while looking at Ping-Cheng LIANG’s “Mask” series. Are you looking at a sculpture, at yourself or being looked at by the mask? These artworks are like mirrors, they reflect viewers’ self-consciousness and desire. We all hope to get rid of our masks and enjoy a total freedom someday. “Mask” series reminds viewers to regain this worn out by time and gradually forgotten desire.

In the psychological theory of the Swiss psychologist Jung(Carl Jung, 1875-1961), “persona” is a mask of one’s personality. It means people will impose different images in various social events, in other words, they put on different masks. Therefore, each one of us has more than one mask and one’s personality is the sum of the masks. Ping-Cheng LIANG’s "Mask" series demonstrate a tenacious tension. Whether it is stainless steel with wood carving, or stainless steel with bronze, It’s combination of different materials, make the characteristics of each material stand out via mutual comparison.

Coca, Mian-Guo, Xiao-Zhi,…each work not only represents one of Ping-Cheng LIANG’s persona but also works as our masks. Therefore, they speak for everyone. 

LIANG said: “A mask is not an ornament of one’s face. It leads to our true self. We practice to take off all the masks to reveal our true self, then a mask will no longer functions as a mask.” Subconsciously, Ping-Cheng LIANG’s unintentional attempt is to merge himself into works. Compared to the objective attitude expressed in “Book & Illegible Book” and “Utensil & Anti-Utensil” series, “Mask” is a more personal series. LIANG looks deep into his heart, he wants to confide more of his inner emotions and thoughts and which are naturally projected on his works of art. 

Ping-Cheng LIANG   梁 平 正 

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