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Angel's Heart

“ I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ”   ─ Michelangelo

It’s not common to see a heart shape sculpture, the most famous example is the Hanging Heart by American artist Jeff koons. Unlike other rather more objective geometric shapes, “heart” is one of the most familiar minimal shapes that human beings are emotionally connected. Especially to its symbolization of love, care, and joy.

In 2017, Liang Ping-Cheng completed his largest public artwork,(Wish 希望之心) with its dimensions up to 500 x 350 x 120 cm. Combining stainless steel and bronze, this work refracts its surrounding buildings with its heart-shaped stainless steel mirror while its bronze parts are formed as symbolic bronze wings and scrolls. Liang has been using the symbols of wings and scrolls in his works and gradually they become the characteristics of his art. This work is visually overwhelming not only for its large volume but also its gentle power. A heart flying by a scroll, such a beautiful imagery is truly realized by Liang.

In「天使心」series, the works are usually divided into two contrasting parts of completely different textures, the left and the right or the upper and the lower and furthermore. For example,(Wish希望之心) has a smooth right part and a wavy left part to create for each part a distinctive visual effect. This way of making art indicates the artist’s delicate mind and it also responds to the Eastern philosophical thinking of Tai Chi that Liang deeply believed. Stillness and movement, yang in the yin, and yin in the yang. It’s the most fundamental essence of life that there is no eternal light nor eternal darkness. In the interlaced frequency of sorrow and joy, life completes its journey.

Ping-Cheng LIANG   梁 平 正 

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