Ping-Cheng LIANG  梁 平 正

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Interpretation of  Life Philosophy
3-EmersonWang Artist 539 April 2020
Splendor in Simplicity
2-Emerson Wang Artist 539 April 2020
The Power of Sculpture
Author:LiYiYi No.112/07/2012
Plentyofroomtomaneuverthethinblade between the interstices.
1-Emerson Wang
Artist magazine 532
Seclusion andmetamorphosis, Rebirth from woodcarving
Journalist: XieZhufen  Mirror Media Financial and economic figure Feb/17/2018 10:30
Going with Flow
2017Tamkang University
The Chronicle:Bright Star Arts Association
Creating vivid imagination of freedom
​3-Zheng Nai-Ming  No.123 04/2015     CHINESE  CONTEMPORARY  ART  NEWS
ARTCO Issue 270
Author: Lin Yi-Hsiu
Befriends Wood to Gives It
Ericamigo Wu/Taipei 04:10, March 21, 2015, China Times
Playback of Life Stories
Author: Stone Lee 2014 台新獎
Nova Art of Additions, Newly Created in Taiwan
Author: WANG Fu-Tung
Finding a place for hosting for a better obstinacy
2-Cheng Nai-Ming News No.76 May/2011
Hybrid&Simulated Beings
Hui-Hui Chang (2011.09)
Cannot Stop When Seeing Other Possibilities
Author: Cai Pei-Ling ArTop Issue.40
October 2009 Issue
The best one can achieve will be a heroic life.
1-Cheng Nai-Ming
Taiwan Contemporary Art IVCansART News No.56 Sept/2009
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