Liang Ping-Cheng was born in Pingtung, southern Taiwan, in 1958. From 1981 to 1985, he studied at Fine Arts Department of Chinese Culture University in Taipei, also founded an artist group called “Stupid Bird” in 1982. Next year, he won the 8th Young Artist Award of Lionart Magazine, this art award was the most important prize for young artist at that time. He has taught in Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School for two years and then went to New York in 1988, shortly studied in Studio Art of New York University.


Back to Taiwan, in 1998, Liang settled in Sanyi which is famous for wood industry, he started  wood sculpture. Just after one year, his wood sculpture “Flying” was selected in Yulon Wood Sculpture Award, which is the most important award focus on wood art. In 2001, his solo show presented “Gravity Release” series in Original Art World Gallery in Sanyi. Next year, solo show presented “Flying” series in Unique Art Gallery in Taichung. From 2008 to 2013, Liang became presented artist of InSian Gallery in Taipei. 


In 2014, solo show in Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum which was selected in Taishin Arts Award, this award is organized by Taishin International Bank, one of the largest bank in Taiwan. In 2015, Liang proposed two aesthetic theories “reverse aesthetic” and “carving respectfully the nature”, in the same year, solo show presented “Connection” series in ITPARK Gallery in Taipei. In 2017, Liang was invited by Chung-Yuet Group to complete a large-scale sculpture “Wish” in one of their residential construction projects in Taoyuan. “Wish” is his largest size work to date. In 2018, solo show “Right & Wrong” in Jimmy’s Gallery in Taipei.


Liang’s work is always based on the pure essence of life and develops freely, from painting to sculpture, from improvised painting to exceptional sculpture, the reason that his sculptures show a distinctive impression is the two aesthetic theories he proposed: “reverse aesthetic” and “carving respectfully the nature”. Whether wood carving, stainless steel or bronze sculpture, show a unique beauty that impossibly be replaced. Until now, Gravity Release, Book & Illegible Book, Utensil & Anti-Utensil, Whisper in Forest, Mask, Angel’s Heart, totally six series, in the highlight of the strength of life and the tenacity of the soul. > ​biography

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