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Senies of Work ~ . Illegible Book

“Knowledge itself does not tell people how to use it, and its instruction lays outside the book.”― Francis Bacon


501consciousness ship      2005      Xiao Nanmu     72x60x26cm


601consciousness ship      2006      Xiao Nanmu     85x60x58cm

1.Ping-Cheng LIANG releases the heaviness of wood itself by giving it a light imagery in “Gravity Release” series. While in “Book & Illegible Book” series, he precisely transforms wood materials into books with smooth and flowing lines. The artworks in “Book & Illegible Book” series are visually embodied contemporary Eastern elements that demonstrate a beautiful posture in form of scrolls.     


705consciousness ship      2007      Xiao Nanmu     55x20x15cm


503consciousness ship     2005      Xiao Nanmu      101x59x35cm

2.Books are the media that carries knowledge. Exploring the origin of paper can trace back to the papermaking as one of the four major inventions in ancient China. Easterns have been fond of wood since ancient times. They’ve bounded papers into books that record the crystallization of human wisdom that has been passed down to immortality from ancient times to the present. Although we are moving towards an electronic generation, we are still accustomed to the touch and reading pace through papers.That is why “Book & Illegible Book” series is more worthwhile to be “read” carefully and thoroughly in the current 21st century.

非書1801a檜木58 X 16 X 32cm2018.jpg

Illegible Book ~Peacock      2018      Hinoki      50x26x35cm

非書1601a檜木64 X 44 X 29cm2016.jpg

NO1601llegible Book    2016    Hinoki     64x44x29cm

102A968 - 39k.jpg

NO1901 Illegible Book     2019    Hinoki     93x42x80cm


NO2020-7Illegible Book     2016     Hinoki     88x50x52cm

3.The carved curly papers in “Book & Illegible Book” series often form a spiral outline at the end of each page which are reminiscent of the volutes in ancient Greek Ionic order. In fact, most of Ping-Cheng LIANG’s sculptures have strong architectural features. He injects symmetry and harmony, movements and flow in response to the structure of his works, which make his creations are both sculptures and micro-buildings.

Like a book 2022-i      2016      Hinoki pomegranate       30x23x23cm


Like a book 2022-B      Xiao Nanmu     64x44x29cm


Like a book 2022-N       Hinoki pomegranate      33x25x26cm


Like a book 2022-J       Hinoki pomegranate       30x21x16cm


Like a book 2023-C       fir pomegranate       18x12x11cm

4.LIANG is not aiming at creating “Hyperrealistic” works and thus it is not about how realistic his works are when we appreciate his art. Although we cannot “read” “Book & Illegible Book” but this serial works of art enables us a direct association that this unreadable book comes from wood and vice versa. This evolving translation of imagery enriches the work’s meaning and leads us to further explore its aesthetic concept. Undoubtedly, LIANG knows the exact place of his artworks, that is quite on the border between modern and contemporary, tradition and innovation. 

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